Locksley Studio was created out of a desire to provide quality housing design while simultaneously increasing peoples’ access to homes. To accomplish this mission, we set aside a portion of every design fee to go towards the Locksley Home Initiative which implements various programs. We also contribute to this mission through the use of thoughtful and efficient design techniques, backed with data, to eliminate waste and unnecessary costs in the home construction process. This allows us to decrease the cost of constructing a home, which in turn decreases the cost to own the home. There are so many factors that go into the high price of housing, and we are working diligently to come up with solutions so that everyone has access to affordable, quality and happy homes.

photo of ashley ricketson, owner and architect

Owned and Operated by:

Ashley Ricketson, Architect

I knew I wanted to be an architect at the age of eight. Though I didn’t quite understand what exactly that meant back then, I have since developed a passion for designing spaces which have a positive impact on people’s lives. With ten + years of design experience, I have designed a wide variety of project types including residential, educational, commercial, and non-profit. I have a background in impact design which focuses on community-engaged projects and finding ways to provide design for underserved communities. I am thankful everyday to be able to pursue my passion for designing for others.


Registered Architect – TX, CO

Bachelor of Environmental Design – Texas A&M University

Masters of Architecture – Tulane University

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